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The Search by John Battelle ,Chapter 3. Pages 39-63. A comparison of the technical characteristics of Search engines before Google

Write up notes with reference to the original text Search Before Google Archie 1990 McGill Alan Emtage, search docs on publicly accessible machines, used FTP, connected via a command line, search for files title, a list of machines where the file was held. They user would then connect to the machine and locate the file. Veronica is similar to Archie University of Nevada. Gopher instead of FTP.Connected directly to the document, not the machine.worked off the title only Both Archie and Veronica needed to know the name of the document From 1993 to 1996 130 sites to 600, 000 Mathew Gray WWWWanderer breath first web crawler, indexer and basic search query Web crawler Brian Pinkerton 1994, First to index the full text of documents. All bought web crawler for 1 million in June 1995 Altavista Louis Monier, put the entire index of the web on one machine, by using multiple crawlers in parallel and powerful machines. 10 million documents, billions of words. The Gatekeeper. The first year 4 billion queries. Couldn't keep up with demand. 1997 serving 25 million queries a day.Eventually bought by Overture. Word stuffing Lycos 1995 Dr Michael Maudlin, use links on the website as the basis for relevance.outbound links on the page.Gave a summary of pages instead a links in search results. Most popular in 1999 Excite six Stanford students, grouped [ages by their underlying concepts. Statistical analysis of word relationships on the page.First search engine to include personalisation - My Excite, with custom news, regional weather and free email was sold to @home which was purchased by AT&T Yahoo Jerry Land David Filo. Stanford. Began indexing Basketball information, analysed the data and made picks based on that information. They won the league. This inspired them to create a list of websites, Launched in 1994, grew by word of mouth. The directory approach, sorting links into categories, Arts, Science, business, etc.Organised the web into an easily understandable directory with a hierarchy of subcategories. Listed whats hot the zeitgeist. Searchers moved from an exploration of what could be found on the web to an expectation of content that should be available on the web.Yahoo used a series of search partners, Beginning with OpenText, folowed by Altavista , then Inktomi and finally Google.

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United Kingdom

Date: 5 months ago

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